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  • Edition #40 | Essential Foods for Weight Loss & Muscle Growth

Edition #40 | Essential Foods for Weight Loss & Muscle Growth

Plus: science-backed advice for losing weight, several new workouts to try, and more.

Good morning and welcome to The Weekly Rep, the official newsletter of fitness. Shoutout to the new readers this week! We now have 15,500 readers.

In today’s edition:

  • Does sitting at work shorten your lifespan?

  • 17 essential foods for weight loss

  • Lose body fat — science-backed advice

  • The best cross-training shoes of 2024

  • Using fitness to find your purpose

Let’s dive in 💥


Beginner Fat-Burning Cardio Workout

This low-impact cardio workout is perfect for beginners and can be done from the comfort of home. Get ready to get uncomfortable for 30 minutes with the Body Project team. They’ll guide you through the workout and provide some words of encouragement to keep you going!

Here are 3 of our favorite exercises you’ll be performing along the way:

  • Sidestep overhead claps

  • High reaches

  • Star jumps

10-Minute Daily Ab Routine

Developing a strong core makes it easier to do most activities, leads to better balance, and so many other benefits. And while there’s no need to focus on your core every day, incorporating a routine at the beginning or end of your regular workouts, like this one from personal trainer Maddie Lymburner, 2 to 3 times a week (according to Harvard Health) will do wonders for you.

Give this 10-minute ab workout a try today!

You Should Try This Killer Kettlebell Routine

Eric Spector is hands down one of the most exceptional kettlebell trainers we follow! Recently, he published his go-to full body kettlebell circuit.

With just 3 simple movements, this workout targets all the major muscle groups, provides an awesome pump, and is low pressure. If you're a kettlebell enthusiast or simply seeking a refreshing change in your routine, give this workout a go. You won’t regret it (outside of the soreness)!


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Using Fitness to Find Your Purpose

For many, “fitness” means shredded six-pack abs and a toned, lean physique, but the physical benefits of getting fit are only the tip of the iceberg. 

While exercise is undoubtedly great for the body, there’s something special that happens to your mind when you embark on a fitness journey, and Evan Slaughter knows this first-hand. We caught up with the social media personality behind Fit2Serve to talk about his fitness journey, and his tips for feeling confident and finding your purpose along the way. 

Finding Yourself Through Fitness

Slaughter’s journey to a healthier life began when he realized he was sick of the way he was living – a feeling and story that resonates with many of us.

“I spent so much time in life trying to control how people perceived me,” Slaughter said. “I felt like I was playing different characters at different times in my life. What I discovered is that I was basically trying to manipulate life, aka being dishonest with myself and others,” he continued. 

“That was costing me a lot – broken relationships, an unhealthy lifestyle, and energy. After getting sick of living this way, I sought advice from someone I could trust to help guide me through the process of discovering honesty, which led me to being able to be myself and stop worrying about what others thought of me,” Slaughter said. 

…DO 🙌

Lose Body Fat (Using Science)

Cardio plays an important role in losing body fat over time. But not all cardio is the same. In fact, there are several science-backed facts you should know when mapping out your training; one of the most critical being the importance of knowing your heart rate zones. Learn about the impact of training in different heart rate zones on fat loss from fitness expert Jeff Cavaliere in this short video.

…TRY 🤝

The 10 Best Exercises for Enhancing Grip Strength

Grip strength plays a crucial role in various daily activities and sports, ranging from simple tasks like opening a jar to excelling in weightlifting. Having a powerful grip not only enhances your overall physical performance but also reduces the risk of injuries. It’s also shown to be a huge indicator of your overall health. So whether you want to improve your grip strength to push past plateaus in the gym, or you just want your hands, wrists, and forearms to stay healthy as you age, see the 10 exercises you should be adding into your workouts.

…EAT 🍳

17 Essentials for Weight Loss

Not only does this list, put together by sports nutritionist Liam Agnew, provide the grocery store essentials for weight loss, it also provides a list for muscle growth and budget-friendly options. You’ll find some obvious foods like eggs and oats on the list, but also some you’ve likely never considered before. Check out the list before your next grocery haul and see if it leads to faster weight loss and quicker muscle growth.

…FIX 💪

Your Face Pulls

If you haven't already incorporated the face pull into your routine, consider this your wake-up call. This exercise is an absolute game-changer when it comes to correcting poor posture, shoulder dysfunction, and other common issues people face. Not to mention, it’s one of the best for strengthening your rear delts. However, it's crucial to note that executing this exercise correctly is no walk in the park. Thankfully, Jeff Cavaliere is here to guide you through the proper technique.


The Best Cross-Training Shoes of 2024

The number of workout shoes available on the market today can undoubtedly be overwhelming. With each new purchase, the nagging doubt of whether you made the right decision inevitably creeps in. Lucky for you, Jake from That Fit Friend reviewed several top choices so you aren’t left guessing.


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