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  • Edition #34 | Stacey Roberts Talks Staying Healthy for the Holidays

Edition #34 | Stacey Roberts Talks Staying Healthy for the Holidays

Plus: common (but terrible) fitness advice, 8 steps for better heart health, and more.

Good morning and welcome to The Weekly Rep, the official newsletter of fitness. Shoutout to the 50 new readers this week! We now have 12,828 readers.

In today’s edition:

  • Common (but terrible) fitness advice

  • 8 steps for heart health that may slow biological aging

  • How to stay healthy during the holidays

  • 10 fitness products to add to your wishlist

  • Announced — the winners of our December giveaway!

Let’s dive in 💥


Challenge Yourself With This Shoulder Routine

Lisa Lanceford posts dynamic workouts that are perfect for those looking to establish a routine or mix things up! Her videos highlight the specific muscle groups targeted by each exercise, making it easy to switch out one exercise for another in the case you’re missing a piece of equipment or have a favorite you can’t live without. Plus, you’ll learn everything you need to know about proper form.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to challenge yourself with this straightforward yet effective shoulder workout. Give it a shot, performing 8-12 reps of each exercise for 3-4 sets. Check out the exercises you’ll be performing:

  • Lateral dumbbell Arnold press

  • Around the world

  • Alternating 2x dumbbell lateral raises

  • Single-arm KB Arnold press

  • Seated external to internal lateral raises

7-Minute Daily Home Ab Workout

Building a strong core not only enhances your performance in various physical activities but also significantly improves your balance along with a multitude of other benefits. And while there’s no need to focus on your core every day, integrating a well-designed routine, like this one from fitness expert Jeff Cavaliere, into your regular workout sessions 2 to 3 times per week (as recommended by Harvard Health) will undoubtedly lead to results.

Follow along and give this 7-minute ab workout a try today!

3 Bicep Exercises for Huge Growth

Building big, impressive biceps is a goal that many gym goers strive for. While the biceps are just one of the many muscle groups that make up your arms, they are often the most visible and noticeable. To achieve the coveted bicep peak and add the necessary size, focus on specific bicep exercises that effectively target the biceps. 

In this Headlines Over Sidelines article, we'll look at some of the best biceps exercises for huge growth, backed by science and years of experience from top trainers and bodybuilders. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lifter, these exercises will help you build bigger, stronger, and more defined biceps.

Interested in learning the exercises? Read the article now!


Ditch the Shaker (and get Supercharged)

PERFORMIX® is on a mission to support and energize their customers’ lives, both inside and out of the gym. Firmly dedicated to product innovation, their team of industry veterans assures their products deliver on their claims. All of their products are third party tested, made in the USA, and backed by the latest scientific research. They achieve results and that is why their community has trusted them since 2014.

Introducing the PERFORMIX® Supercharged Stack

Say goodbye to the struggle of dealing with messy workout powders before hitting the gym. The PERFORMIX Supercharged line is the solution that combines convenience and effectiveness across the entire spectrum of your workout routine.

Supercharged Preworkout: Unleash the beast within with their groundbreaking preworkout, encapsulated in a patented liquid capsule (LICAP). Turbocharge your workouts with a formula that's scientifically engineered to optimize body composition and boost athletic performance, without the jitters from harsh stimulants. Loaded with powerhouse ingredients like Oceanix®, TeaCrine®, Dynamine®, and Alphasize® (Alpha GPC), it's built to catapult your training to new heights of intensity.

Supercharged Pump: Elevate your muscle pump to new heights with this efficacious formula powered by Nitrosigine®. This groundbreaking, powerful ingredient, meticulously paired with Arginine Ethyl Ester and Betaine, robustly boosts your muscular output, strength, and endurance, propelling you assertively toward unparalleled, extraordinary workout goals.

Supercharged Recovery: Mitigate muscle damage, reduce muscle soreness, and recover faster by OCEANIX™, and CARNIPURE® L-Carnitine. Reduce exercise induced inflammation from NovaSol® curcumin and CherryPURE™, which contains powerful antioxidants.


Stacey Roberts Talks Staying Healthy for the Holidays

The holiday season, for many, is filled with joy, cheer, and celebration. But for some, it’s also filled with guilt, stress, and overflowingly busy schedules. The latter can be especially true if you’re someone who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. Between all those tempting treats and the holiday parties that make it impossible to stick to your workout routine, staying healthy during the holidays sometimes seems like more of a challenge than it’s worth. Fitness trainer Stacey Roberts, however, says balancing a healthy routine with enjoying the holidays isn’t actually as complicated as it might seem. She wants people to know it’s okay to enjoy treats and also prioritize what makes you feel and function your best.

…DO 🎁

Add These 10 Fitness Products to Your Wishlist

The holidays are almost here. If you’re still struggling with what to ask for or what to give, we’ve rounded up 10 fitness products perfect for athletes of every type. From yogis to runners to those just looking to live healthier, read on to see our top wellness picks to add to your wishlist – but hurry, time to shop is almost up! 


The Worst Fitness Advice Ever

With so much information constantly put out into the world, it’s difficult to trust at times. It doesn’t make it any easier that a select group of the people online discussing fitness, health, and wellness have taken shortcuts toward achieving their goals. So how do you know then what advice to listen to and what to avoid? Well, this video from Jeff Nippard and exercise scientist Dr. Mike Israetel is a perfect place to start.

…EAT 🧑‍🍳

20-Minute Lemon-Ricotta Rigatoni w/ Broccoli

Every recipe Jamie Vespa publishes is absolutely unreal. From the mouth-watering flavors to the unique ingredient combinations, this registered dietician knows what she’s doing. So even if this easy-to-make pasta recipe isn’t for you, there are plenty she’s published that will be!

…FIX 💪

Your Running Technique

The majority of us began running before our earliest memory. And while it likely comes naturally, there are plenty of bad habits people pick up over time. These can lead to heightened soreness, premature failure, and even potential injuries. So check out the video below to learn some tips to improve your form today.

…TRY 🤸‍♀️

A Daily Mobility Routine

We’ll always stress the importance of focusing on mobility. Though it may be the first thing you skip if you’re in a rush, it shouldn’t be. The benefits of a total body mobility routine like this one (only 5 minutes long) from Jason & Lauren Pak are backed by science. Rid yourself of pain, improve your flexibility, and so much more in only 5 minutes a day!


Congratulations to D. Weaver, Eric, Dan, and Carmen, the winners of our December giveaway and $50 Mission Ready Nutrition gift cards! Make sure to check your email if you won.

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