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Edition #20 | Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

Plus: 3 ways to naturally boost your energy, an Olympic marathoner's gym routine, and more.

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In today’s edition:

  • An Olympic marathoner’s gym routine

  • Are you wasting money on supplements?

  • How to stay motivated on your fitness journey

  • 3 ways to naturally boost your energy

  • GHOST’s newest collab

Let’s dive in 💥 


The Gym Workout of a 2:09 Marathon Runner

Stephen Scullion is a professional marathon runner training for the upcoming Olympics. And like any athlete, strength training plays an incredibly important role in his overall routine. Now, you may be thinking, “can lifting even do anything for runners?” The short answer — absolutely.

But how you may ask? Well, he’ll explain it best in this video where he walks you through his gym routine.

The Best Chest Exercises for Muscle Growth

Fitness expert Jeremy Ethier and 2 friends conducted an experiment to see which popular chest exercises are best for muscle growth. In total, they tested 16 exercises you’ve either done yourself or probably heard of. Comparing the results to existing research, they came to some interesting conclusions.

Looking to level up your chest day? Watch this video.

10-Minute Daily Ab Routine

Developing a strong core makes it easier to do most physical activities, leads to better balance, and so many other benefits. And while there’s no need to focus on your core everyday, incorporating a routine at the beginning or end of your regular workouts, like this one from personal trainer Maddie Lymburner, 2 to 3 times a week (according to Harvard Health) will do wonders for you.

Follow along and give this 10-minute ab workout a try today!


How to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

Everyone’s fitness journey is different. Some seamlessly go through the process with what appears to be minimal effort while getting mind-blowing results. Then you have others who find themselves in front of what seems like insurmountable mountains they need to overcome along the way. Regardless, the key is to stay motivated on your fitness journey.

In the article below, we’ll look at three ways to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey. We teamed up with CrossFit athlete Christian Harris to hear some of the strategies that helped him, and how you can implement these very same strategies to help you get the results you desire.

…DO 🏋🏼

Take Care of Your Joints

As you get stronger and lift heavier, your joints may not always be able to keep up. Check out this video from Jason Pak for recommendations on what to do if you’re experiencing joint pain during (or after) your workouts!

…TRY 🤸

3 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

For so many of us, our workouts are the best part of the day. We look forward to hitting the gym or getting to class, excited to blow off some steam and have some “me-time.”

But occasionally, there are those days when you just don’t want to do it. Maybe you’re tired, stressed or just feeling low energy. Those days are tough, but we caught up with dance and fitness instructor Christina “Poofy” Moffitino to see how she stays upbeat and energetic, even on her down days.

…EAT 🍞

Healthy Zucchini Bread

Eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, and protein is a goal that many of us strive for. But even if you love filling your diet with leafy greens, lean protein, and whole grains, sometimes you just can’t fight the urge for a little dessert! That’s where sneaky recipes, like this healthy zucchini bread, come in handy.

…FIX 💪

Your Dumbbell Bench Press

The dumbbell bench press is one the most classic chest exercises you can do. With that said, there are ways to influence the amount of work that is being done by the chest during the lift. And although you may think you’re doing this exercise correctly, find out for sure with the advice below from trainer Jeff Cavaliere.

…KNOW 👀 

If You’re Wasting Money on Supplements

While supplements are a great tool to bolster your health, you might not be getting their full benefits if you’re not doing one crucial thing: staying hydrated. Simpler than you thought, right?

Though staying hydrated seems easy enough, almost half of all Americans aren’t drinking enough water. Curious to see how this impacts your supplements’ effectiveness?

  • Dad Joke of the Week

    • Q — Why did Bob fire his personal trainer?

    • A — He was tired of all the ab use

  • The real workout routine of hollywood actors

  • Post gym problems — having to massage your calves


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